Talk at Blarney & District Historical Society

My thanks to Brian Gabriel of Blarney and District Historical Society for allowing me the opportunity to speak at the monthly meeting of the society on 7th March.  I was heartened by the turnout of over 80 people, some of whom had travelled up to 50 miles to attend.  Among those who attended were direct relatives of some of those who were involved in or witnessed the Cobh Pier Head shooting of 1924 and in particular I would like to thank the daughter of Hannah Hayes who was the youngest victim of the shooting and who received a life-changing injury in the attack.    My thanks also to Brian Ó Donnchú for his help in putting the historical society in contact with me.  It is fascinating that as it approches two years since I wrote the book and 95 years after the Cobh shooting that information continues to be supplied to me by people with a direct or indirect connection to the event.

John Jefferies