Moon Car back in Cobh – Talk on Spike Island

Large crowds turned out in Cobh on Sunday (24 March) to see the Moon Car which was parked on Kennedy Pier / the Pier Head for most of the day in conjunction with a talk by John Jefferies to mark the 95th anniversary of the Cobh Pier Head shooting.


The “Moon Car”, Rolls Royce Silver Ghost on Kennedy Pier. Photo via Liam Kelleher, Cobh News

The Spike Island ferry vessel, the Bryan J, was full to capacity as people flocked to the island on a fine Spring day.  Meanwhile at the Mitchel Hall the talk on the events of 21st March 1924 was given by the author


John Jefferies

Mr. Jefferies outlined the arrival of the Rolls Royce in the streets of Cobh on that day and the action of its passengers who used two machine guns to fire on unarmed British troops arriving from a passenger vessel on the Pier Head. The account then covered the huge manhunt, the fruitless search for the car which was not seen again for 57 years and finally the sequel of the car’s rediscovery in 1981 and its eventual restoration.  All of this as part of a bigger story of mystery, intrigue and political chicanery.



Copies of the book are still available to buy in selected bookshops or online:

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